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Best practice

Our aim is to deliver top quality design-led solutions. Our senior planning and graphic design team is highly skilled and focused on achieving best practice outcomes for our clients in resource management and planning processes, whatever the scale and nature of the project.

Focused planning

We believe that good planning should always primarily be focused on creating places that allow people to live the way they want to, while at the same time remembering to respect and enhance the environment, and protect valuable resources for future generations.

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The Auckland Plan 2050 (AP 2050) identifies the need for substantial increase in housing stock in order to respond to growth demand up to 2050.  The focus on housing provision is primarily on in-fill or ‘brownfield’ development, with a strong emphasis on a ‘quality compact city’ approach within “Auckland’s urban footprint” – being the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB). 

The AP 2050 describes that over the next 30 years, a minimum target of 408,300 dwellings has been set to provide sufficient feasible development capacity.   Most of the urban development is focussed in existing areas (62%), and some in Future Urban areas (32%).  A small allocation (6%) is afforded to rural areas.

This in-fill focus is already highly demonstrable in Auckland, North Shore, and East Coast Bays with increasing examples of new and currently under-construction higher density housing forms of apartments, terraced housing, integrated residential development (smaller sites with community facilities included), in-fill development and subdivision, and retirement villages enabled through the introduction of higher density residential and commercial zones of:

· Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone;

· Mixed Housing Urban;

· Mixed Housing Suburban; and

· Several business zones intended to support higher density residential urban living.