Minor Household Units - October 2016 Update

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As outlined in an earlier post, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) excluded any provisions for Minor Household Units (MHUs), providing only for the conversion of an existing dwelling into two household units within residential zones.

After hearing submissions seeking MHU provisions (including from TNP) the Independent Hearings Panel recommended provision for ‘Minor Dwellings’ in all rural zones, and in the majority of lower density residential zones (less than 600m2), provided that basic development controls such as site size, building height, and yards are met.

Auckland Council publicly notified on 19 August 2016 its Decisions Version of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, and the recommended Minor Dwelling provisions have been accepted; subject to specific standards relating to bulk and location as follows:

  • A restricted discretionary activity in all Rural Zones
  • A restricted discretionary activity in the Future Urban Zone
  • A restricted discretionary activity within the Large Lot and Rural Coastal Settlement Zone
  • A permitted activity (i.e. not requiring resource consent provided development controls are met) in the Single House Zone

There is no provision for Minor Dwellings within higher intensity residential zones.

The appeals period for the PAUP Decisions Version closed 16 September 2016. Until Council is able to confirm the extent of the appeals, and which provisions are being challenged, all rules in both the legacy plans (e.g. the Rodney District Plan) and the PAUP Decisions Version apply. This may apply well into November 2016 at the earliest.

This means that any resource consent applications will need to be assessed against parts of both the old and new plans, with decisions to be made on a case by case basis as to how much weight will be given to the PAUP versus the operative regional and district plans.

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