Rural subdivision in Auckland - Appeals update

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In June 2020 Terra Nova Planning was back in the Environment Court after the recent High Court decision with other land use professionals to protect and improve the biodiversity incentives and rural subdivision provisions in the Auckland Unitary Plan. We consider that the Plan has not fully addressed environmental benefits and incentives and this is hampering rural landowners from helping to protect and restore bush, wetlands and wildlife habitats.

Terra Nova Planning has long been an advocate for landowners to be able to transfer development rights from protected natural areas to countryside living areas on the edge of the urban area. We consider that the present limitations of the Unitary Plan as adopted by the Council is a significant disincentive for this to work properly, and as a result there are insufficient measures in the Plan to reverse the ongoing decline of biodiversity resulting from other activities allowed in other parts of the Plan.

This is the last part of the Unitary Plan to be settled and we hope a final Environment Court decision will be out around August 2020.

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