Ecological Assessment

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Best practice

Our aim is to deliver top quality design-led solutions. Our senior planning and graphic design team is highly skilled and focused on achieving best practice outcomes for our clients in resource management and planning processes, whatever the scale and nature of the project.

Focused planning

We believe that good planning should always primarily be focused on creating places that allow people to live the way they want to, while at the same time remembering to respect and enhance the environment, and protect valuable resources for future generations.

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Ecological assessments

Assessment of indigenous vegetation and wetland areas for protection

Auckland’s Unitary Plan and other District Plans give rural subdivision incentives when you protect native bush and wetlands. We can assess you bush and wetlands to see if they meet the Council’s protection criteria and prepare a report from our accredited ecologist.

Preparation of planting and Weed and Pest Control plans

Most development and subdivision applications require Weed and Pest Plans and/or Planting Plans. Our accredited ecologist can prepare these plans to the standard required by your local Council.


Assistance with transfer of sites where there are ecological benefits (TRSS)

We specialise in transferable title subdivision under the Auckland Unitary Plan, which relates to the protection of native bush and wetlands and the transfer of the ‘development rights’ to receiver areas, usually in Countryside Living zones. Our planners and ecologists are familiar with the various transferable title schemes in a number of districts across New Zealand.


We can assess the best way to get value from biodiversity protection and enhancement on your donor site, and our accredited ecologist can prepare Weed and Pest Plans and/or Planting Plans to the standard required by the relevant local Council.


We can also provide assistance with undertaking a subdivision if you have a site that can receive transferable titles or transferrable sites (TRSS).