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Best practice

Our aim is to deliver top quality design-led solutions. Our senior planning and graphic design team is highly skilled and focused on achieving best practice outcomes for our clients in resource management and planning processes, whatever the scale and nature of the project.

Focused planning

We believe that good planning should always primarily be focused on creating places that allow people to live the way they want to, while at the same time remembering to respect and enhance the environment, and protect valuable resources for future generations.

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Strategy & Policy Planning

Private  Plan Changes and rezoning

A request to make changes to a regional or district plan can be made by any person, and is referred to as a private plan change.  The private plan change application is made to the relevant local or regional authority, and includes:

  • The purpose of the plan change
  • The existing rules or zoning
  • The proposed rules or zoning
  • An evaluation report prepared in accordance with s32 of the Resource Management Act (RMA)
  • An assessment of environmental effects of the proposed plan change

The proposed plan change is then publicly notified for submissions from the general public, with any issues raised being heard through mediation or hearings before a decision on the proposed plan change is made.

We can advise on options and feasibility for plan changes, assist with the preparation of a private plan change, or prepare submissions to plan changes which may affect you. 

(As an example of this process, we recently achieved for a client a plan change to the Whangarei District Plan, in relation the zoning and noise provisions for the Marsden Primary Centre.  The plan change facilitated the development of a retirement village by reducing overall noise levels in the zone, and minimising the sound insulation requirements for residential units.  More information on the plan change is here).


 Structure Plans

Structure (or spatial) plans are maps or plans which illustrate the proposed layout of future development.  They are used to guide the development or redevelopment of an area by identifying future land use patterns, roading networks, infrastructure layout, ecological and open spaces,  and provide a broad framework for Councils to use when considering development proposals.  As part of the structure planning process, a period of stakeholder identification and public consultation applies.  

We can identify how a proposed structure plan might affect your property, assist with the preparation of submissions to a structure plan, and provide representation at stakeholder meetings.

Most recently, we have been involved in submissions to the Draft Warkworth Structure Plan which was open for public feedback in March 2019.


General strategic planning and policy advice

With many years of planning experience in both private and public sectors, our team can provide advice on local and regional policies, and strategy to achieve the best planning outcomes.